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How to buy online

Shopping Online at Swiss Lady Chocolates 5 simple steps:

Step 1 - Register

Register for a new account. On every page of this site you will find a module on the Left Top hand side with a Registration Box.

You will need to fill in all your information, choose a username and password you will remember!

You will get to a screen that states an email was sent. You will need to check your email and actually click on the link sent before you are verified. This step is needed to verify that you are a real person with a ligit email address - we dont want spammers and spam robots registering here!

Step 2 - Log In

You are ready to log in! Remember on every page of this site we have a Log In Box on the top left hand side. Fill in the Username and Password you chose during Registration and click LOGIN.

Step 3 - Make your first purchace

Click on any of the links to our Online store such as "Products" on the top menu and navigate to the Item you would like to purchase.

The Item will appear in your Shopping Cart and you can Edit the quantity, delete the item, Continue Shopping to buy another Item or Checkout.

Step 4 - Billing & Delivery Address

You need to add a Delivery Address.
NOTE Your Billilng address is filled in but you need to click on "Add new Delivery Address" to specify where you
would like this Gift Delivered.

On the Next screen you will need to add an Accompanying Message for this Gift.
The Address Nickname is compulsory - this is used so that you can identify the address later.
You will have to choose an Address Nickname.

Step 5 - Check out

On the next page - choose a Delivery Rate and click next. (we ONLY deliver in Gauteng but you can order from ANYWHERE)
Select a payment method and click Next
Depending on the Payment Method you choose you will now be directed to a Credit Card Payment Page OR A success page.
Check your email - you will recieve an Order Confirmation via email.

Congratulations! You have completed your first Online Order with Swiss Lady Chocolates!
We keep all your Data plus Delivery addresses. You only need to do all this once and now that you know how you will find it easy to return and do all future orders online.

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